Bridge the Gap Coalition members are visionaries and leaders in our community who serve on our Board of

Directors or within committees. They share and are committed to our vision of community empowerment and seek to be hands on with the development of Coalition objectives and strategies. Members have the opportunity to grow with us and develop as visible leaders within the community, creating programs and initiatives that receive fiscal sponsorship from Bridge the Gap Coalition, with the objective of such programs eventually becoming independent community empowering entities.

Being a Partner in the Coalition is a statement of solidarity and commitment to the empowerment of our community. Our Partners are community businesses and organizations who strongly identify with the platform of Bridge the Gap Coalition in their own business and professional practice. As such, they contribute their professional resources and expertise to facilitate, plan and/or host Bridge the Gap Coalition programs, workshops and events, ensuring that our disenfranchised communities are provided with opportunities to access invaluable knowledge and resources that positively impact their lives.

Bridge the Gap Coalition Sponsors believe in our mission and support us by ensuring that we are able to provide quality programs, workshops and events that empower our underserved communities. Sponsors facilitate our productivity by donating resources from their business or providing financial assistance that goes towards materials for grassroots marketing, education, events and fundraising for Bridge the Gap Coalition Community Grants.


Your charitable contribution is tax deductible and ensures that we are able to finance our projects throughout the year. 


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