• Educate communities on available resources and vital information that empowers them to reach their highest potential.

  • Educate organizations and professionals on the specialized needs of marginalized communities in perspective of their unique history.

  • Change the narrative by educating communities on history in a corrected context and enlightening the contemporary relevance of history to social issues.

  • Change the narrative by shifting media to positive representation of marginalized communities.

  • Bridge generational gaps and end negative generational cycles through cultural refortification and adaptation of ancient axioms in a contemporary context.

Community Outreach & 

Grassroots Education

  • Conduct community needs-based assessments in identified underserved areas in order to determine effective social interventions.

  • Contribute to research in order to bring clarity to social issues and influence equitable research practices.

  • Use history and research to address the root of socioeconomic disparities.

  • Use the latest technology to track evolution of socioeconomic disparities, generational trends, and impact of community resources as they become more visible and accessible via our efforts.

  • Stimulate a healthy local economy by giving platform to local businesses, professionals and organizations whose products/services empower communities.

  • Influence equitable and socially responsible business practices.

  • Build an infrastructure that creates opportunity for members of the community through involvement with Bridge the Gap Coalition, Inc.

  • Inspire a culture of Ubuntu in underserved communities that encourages community reinvestment

  • Create meaningful community partnerships that enhance social impact of mission

Community Needs Based 

Advocacy & Research

Community Based Economics

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